• What is the process of signing up with the Nexavision platform?

As the first step, you need to click on registration and fill out the form with your details, following which you need to select the appropriate package make payment through our website portal (EMI option is also available). Once your payment is done, you will receive verification link on registered email id of student and parent both. After the verification is done from both sides, enrolled students can commence the program.

  • We don’t require some of the deliverables for our school. Can the program be customised?

Yes, the programs can be customised to your particular requirements. Our team will help you make a customised plan for your school.

  • What is the duration of the Nexavision career guidance programs?

The typical duration of our career guidance programs is one academic year. However, this can be customised basis your requirements.

  • Which classes do the programs cater to?

The programs cater to students of class 8th and 9th. Our programs gives student’s opportunity to explore entire spectrum of career options along with Standardized tests according to Indian education system and environment.

  • How does Nexavision prepare our kids for future careers that we may not be aware of?

Here at Nexavision students can explore from a vast range of career videos made by gathering professors, people with industry experience and entrepreneurs of that specific stream. These videos provide student with introduction, basic knowledge and Future opportunities as a profession. This helps the student to select his interest stream. Further Nexavision will arrange live sessions and workshops with experts for student and parents to know more about student’s interest stream.

  • We already have a career guidance/assessment tool in place. How is Nexavision better?

Nexavision has introduced a unique method of Interest Inventory (II) which helps us capture all streams in which student is interested. Instead of conventional 2-3 hours of test which fail to provide efficiency due lack of concentration in children for long period, we have specially designed “Short Time Tests” helping students achieve their true potential. Our tests are specially designed according to Indian education system and environment.

  • We have an in-house career counselling team. How will Nexavision add value to our existing setup?

The Nexavision platform integrates well with your existing counselling setup. Our platform helps school counsellors augment their counselling efforts through data-driven career insights on students, consolidated counsellor dashboards allowing easy access to students’ career matches and developmental needs. Our counsellor training workshops enhance the effectiveness of the counsellor and enable optimum utilisation of the platform.

  • What are the commercials of the Nexavision career guidance program? (School Discounts + EMI Options)

We customise the career guidance program basis your unique requirements. Hence, the cost will vary depending upon the finalised program structure and inclusions. Generally cost of package of 8th and 9th standard students comes around Rs. 10,000/-